Adobe Experience Design CC

Adobe Experience Design CC (aka Adobe XD) is a new design, prototyping, and presentation tool from Adobe.


Individual designers, teams, and businesses that need to produce on a broad scale would benefit from this product. Advanced features make it simple to coordinate collaborative work on a single project in real-time.


Adobe’s software has a significant edge over its competitors in terms of multiplatform support, as well as quick and steady performance regardless of the operating system. The software, by the way, is compatible with any OS. It’s as well makes a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud bundle meaning it’s compatible with the rest of the Adobe CC instruments.


The product debuted on the market and made a strong first impression. Then came the first wave of new plugins. After Adobe XD was made open in the middle of 2019, prominent services including Dribbble, Stark, and Airtable began to modify their tools particularly for XD. Other firms «pulled up» with their solutions a bit later: UserTesting, Trello, and Google Cloud.


The new release now includes a good variety of plugins, such as solutions for automation, synchronization, collaboration, publishing, developer tools, and so on.

Many plugins have become essential additions to the basic Experience Design capabilities since some solutions save hundreds of hours in terms of storing and moving data to other applications, linking layouts, and so on.


To make locating the appropriate image as fast and simple as possible, UI Faces combines photographs (user avatars) and tags with data relating to age, gender, emotions, and hair shade. Designers may use this Adobe XD plugin to choose alternatives for these properties and fill any specified shape with a single click.


It enables designers to quickly improve the colors in their designs. Regardless of the brightness, saturation, color depth, etc., of separate elements or whole artboards, you no longer need to modify every detail in Photoshop. Color Ranger also enables you to save and operate presets, so you can make themes or change UI kits with a single click.


Stark is an inclusive plugin that mimics color blindness and evaluates contrast.

The primary objective of designers and businesses is to make design accessible to the general public. Stark helps you design and develop accessible, ethical, and inclusive products by allowing you to evaluate contrast and mimic color-blind design shapes right in Adobe XD.


We spend a lot of effort giving layers and artboards names and arranging them. You may rename all layers consecutively, in ascending or descending order, and alter the case of the layer name, using Rename. You may also locate and change words or symbols using basic keyboard shortcuts.


It’s a basic yet effective plugin for changing the capitalization of text in XD. Although the functionality of this plugin appears to be limited, it actually saves a significant amount of time.


It allows you to import a copy of a GS document into an Adobe XD document. You may update the copy in your GS document even if the content in the document is modified.


It’s a useful tool that helps individuals and groups to arrange effective collaboration. Designers can quickly upload the artwork to Adobe XD via the Trello plugin enabling them to share artboards with their team without having to leave the program.


A designer may be required to give a presentation of their work from time to time. The degradation of static screen quality is a major disappointment for designers. This process is well-known: open your layout in PS and export your design from there. Angle allows you to accomplish the same not having to leave Adobe XD. It takes considerably less time to polish your presentation or submit a photo to Dribbble with the help of this plugin.


Icondrop allows you to access millions of creative sources with just one click giving you to access icons, drawings, and pictures without leaving Adobe XD.

Icondrop will soon be able to generate layouts on the fly thanks to a simple search option and quick access to prior downloads.


You may export HTML and CSS from your XD files using this plugin. It supports hierarchical layouts, centered restrictions, and the insertion of new styles, attributes, and markup.

Super-Photoshop for Super-prototyping is the name given to Adobe XD. It’s the quickest and most dependable UX design solution on the market for organizations with tens of thousands of employees.