Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

The Creative Cloud Cleaner tool is a utility for experienced users to clean up corrupted installations. It removes or fixes problem files and resolves permission issues in registry keys.

For whom?

Designed for advanced computer users, Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool can fix many common problems (such as removing outdated Adobe software, cleaning up corrupted installation files, and fixing host files to connect to Adobe servers).

When should you apply Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner?

Adobe (CC) Cleaner Tool is not a complete program for uninstalling any software, it is a console that works in agreement with you. Those. You will not remove anything unnecessary except what you need. You yourself decide and yourself coordinate all actions with your needs.

When working, I recommend to be more careful and discerning, since Photoshop CS6 can be included in the Adobe Creative Suite CS6.

Use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool with the necessary precautions (for example, backing up the appropriate folders) if these problems occur.

You’ve tried to repair or uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop app, but you still can’t update or install the Creative Cloud app.

Old Adobe software must be completely uninstalled. Creative Cloud app won’t launch even though you’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.

You can’t sign in to Adobe apps despite trying multiple times, even after trying these common solutions. You cannot connect to Adobe servers and have limited access to Adobe applications or services, even after trying these general solutions.

Adobe only provides downloads for the latest two versions of Creative Cloud apps. If you need permanent access to older versions, do not uninstall them without first making sure you have reinstallation tools such as discs or previously saved installers (Adobe no longer provides the ability to download older versions).

How to use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for Enterprise (Enterprise Admins only)?

Run the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool in automatic mode to get a list of all products that the tool can remove. This allows you to uninstall all or some of the Creative Cloud or Creative Suite products installed on your computer, leaving comments in the lines of the XML file that the tool created. For more information, see the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for Enterprise.

The Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool is a utility for advanced users to clean up corrupted installations. It removes or fixes problematic files and fixes rights issues in registry keys.