Adobe Acrobat Professional Tool

Adobe Acrobat Professional is an advanced professional functionality for working with digital documents within the framework of existing or planned business processes.

As a result of which customers receive the speed, accuracy and transparency in their work, so necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Easily make corrections to electronic documents (for example, email correspondence, web pages, complex drawings) to compact PDF files.

For whom?

For everyone who works professionally with texts.

Advantages of Adobe Acrobat Professional

Quite a few functions to protect documents, signatures, authorship, and restrictions, such as prohibiting printing or scanning from the screen.

Documents converted to pdf from Web pages can be easily edited into a more acceptable form by removing multiple frame attachments and moving text and pictures as you need.

Large documents can be provided with a navigator — by chapters, headings, paragraphs, marking them accordingly.

There is a means of character recognition in languages ​​other than English. Interestingly, the recognized text is transparent and does not change the original appearance of the document. It is easy to select and drop it into any editor.

If you don’t want unscrupulous plagiarists to extract texts from your pdf file, then dump it to a virtual pdf printer, after checking the checkbox in the print properties — print «as an image». Then the search engines will hesitate to search for a file by keywords in the text.

About the wide possibilities of adding your comments to the document — you need to write a separate opera.

Automatic machine for making all kinds of forms with fields for filling.

Export of document content to Word, Excel and other formats.

You can insert links to Internet sites in the text.

Powerful preparation of documents for printing: prepress, control of color separations, transparency, fitting content to page size, setting crop markers, and more.

Convenient search by keywords in an open document, and by all pdf files in a given directory or on a computer.

Editing options

Tools A tab in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC reveals many well-organized options.


Combine Files allows you to combine content from multiple PDF files into one. After clicking the Combine Files button, you will be prompted to download the PDFs you want to combine. Then just click combine.


Your merged PDFs will appear in a new Binder tab. You can easily customize the order of the combined pages by clicking Organize Pages. Just drag and drop the pages the way you want them to be arranged and close the panel.

You can also merge files into PDFescape. From the main interface, go to Create PDF, then click Combine Files.

Download both PDFs you want to combine and click combine.


If this is your first time signing a PDF in Acrobat, all you need to do is click Add Signature. Then simply type, draw or upload your signature image to the software and click Apply.

Then you can place your signature on the appropriate line and adjust the size.

In addition, Adobe Acrobat Pro boasts even more features that are not covered in detail here. There is a compare feature that contrasts the differences between two PDFs. You can also integrate with Dropbox or track PDF forms sent to others.

Professional program for editing, annotating and preparing pdf files for printing. Adobe Acrobat Pro is your best choice for extensive PDF editing.