Adobe Spark Tool

Adobe Spark is a do-it-yourself logo design platform.

To generate a unique logo that you can then modify to suit your needs and needs, Adobe Spark uses a logo wizard. Working with it is divided into 3 steps:

  • entering the name and slogan of the company.
  • choosing a logo style.
  • icon selection.

After that, you can immediately download 4 files:

  • 3 PNG files in full color, black and white and with transparent background;
  • 1 full color JPEG file.

For whom?

The best DIY logo generators allow even complete beginners to create expressive and professional logos.

Graphic work in a couple of clicks with Adobe Spark

The editing window is conventionally divided into two parts. The upper one displays a canvas with a picture, and the lower one displays functional icons that are responsible for the following features:

  • add — this item allows you to add additional graphic elements in the form of a picture, text, icon or logo;
  • design — the ability to select certain built-in templates for text and image style;
  • palette — selection of a color palette;
  • resize — change your sizing;
  • layout — selection of the layout;
  • effects — adding animation effects.

By the way, if you want to change the appearance of the text in a certain way, but do not want to change the general concept of work using the «Design» tab, you must click on the text itself and an additional editing menu will appear. Here you can change the text itself using the «Edit» item, as well as select the font style, character size, select the text frame, transparency and much more. Moreover, right under the names of all the possibilities is a miniature example of what will come out.

Advantages of Adobe Spark

You can view various projects that were created by users in the Spark Gallery. In the application, the user can search for various images, photos, pictures and import them into the project.

When you have a background image, Spark offers effect filters. These are not just static filters: they match the color palette of your chosen design, which you can also change from the palette menu. You can also scale and rotate the image using the sliders.

Each of the modules described above gets their own iOS app. Projects are automatically synchronized between the web interface and these mobile apps.

One of the benefits of mobile apps is that you can use iPhone Camera Roll images — this is useful as you can’t access photos stored in iCloud through the web interface. The app can even use burst photos for a flipbook effect and live photos for short motion. The Post app also has a Remix button that allows you to change the look and also change the target social network. Oddly enough, the site and apps don’t have Tumblr formatting, although LinkedIn is supported.

Professional subscription

Subscribing to the paid Spark plan will give you access to a number of additional features.

For example, you can:

  • use premium social media templates that are highly customizable and can be used to notify you about sales or important events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more;
  • invite other users to work on the project;
  • upload your own photos and other media;
  • access 24/7 customer support by phone, email, live chat and forums.

Post, Video, and Page are really easy to use, and while they won’t take the leading content creators out of the business, they give regular people a chance to look good on social media. Adobe Spark was created by the same team that brought Illustrator and Photoshop to the world. And, unlike professional Adobe programs, even beginners can figure it out with no problems.