Adobe Prelude Tool

Adobe Prelude is a media logging tool for tagging files with metadata search, post-production workflows, and footage lifecycle management. The software also offers features like speech transcription and draft creation.

For whom?

The cloud-based solution Adobe Prelude allows you to speed up the workflow of entire teams and increase their organization with improved tool integration and an interface designed specifically for capturing and recording video data.

Advantages of Adobe Prelude

Searchable metadata

Users can quickly find the video clips they want, including in libraries of several terabytes, thanks to metadata. Metadata is added in real-time with keyboard input during video capture using custom templates, or directly from scripts created or edited in Adobe Story Plus.

Video sketches in Hover Scrub mode

The famous Hover Scrub feature, previously available in Adobe Premiere Pro, has now been implemented in Adobe Prelude CC. It’s in the Projects panel. To preview a clip, the user just hovers over the video thumbnail.

Pre-cut export

Pre-cut clips can be shared by exporting them directly to Adobe Media Encoder. It also supports export to Adobe Premiere Pro for final editing.

Rename file while capturing video

Create custom presets to automatically rename files during video capture. This makes it easier and faster to find clips in the library.

Adding metadata while capturing video

When creating rules, the user receives exactly the metadata he needs. Prelude lets you generate custom metadata templates, making it easier to collect key information for videos.

Script scenes as metadata

With scripts created in Adobe Story, users can drag and drop scenes to link them to the footage as searchable metadata. High-precision word searches are performed with speech transcription markers that are retained in the footage throughout the entire workflow.

Full or partial video clip capture

To save time or space in the library, users can digitize video in part or in whole. By adjusting start and end marks directly on the thumbnail of the video, Adobe Media Encoder creates a new clip from the specified segment.

Transcoding to various formats

Convert files to desired formats while capturing video. Prelude allows you to simply customize the target folder and format and then click Ingest.

Adobe Prelude is a professional video capture software that allows you to convert any file format and add tags. The application offers efficient control over the file preparation process by instantly generating logs based on markers and other temporary metadata, which is searchable during final processing.