Adobe Voco Tool

Adobe Voco is an audio editing and prototyping software from Adobe that enables audio editing and generation. Named after «Photoshop-for-voice».

How it works?

Project Voco requires a track of at least 20 minutes with a sample of your voice, after which the program analyzes the speech, parses it into phonemes, rewrites and creates a voice model. If you watch the video demo, you will notice how the tone of speech changes. It is a matter of time, as soon you will be unable to tell the difference between a real recording and an artificial one. You no longer need to spend a lot of time memorizing text, searching for voice actors or preparing speeches for video reviews, a blog and much more. It is enough to enter the text, after which the program will speak in the desired voice.

The more time — the better the Adobe Voco database will be. Based on the collected phonemes, the program can then collect absolutely any words from text to voice. Even those that the person has never said!

For whom?

The program is useful for everyone involved in editing and editing. The interface is intuitively accessible even for beginners.

For those in the business of producing podcasts, this tool can be of invaluable help. Now they don’t have to hire professionals every time to voice the next program or news. But there is also a downside to the coin — a huge field of opportunities will also open up for scammers.

Advantages of Adobe Voco

The most interesting thing about Voco is the high quality of the synthesized voice. When listening, the voice gives the impression of a living person, and not a programmed preset, as it happens when working with Vocaloid. If Adobe can bring the technology to its logical conclusion, then, according to the assurances of the developers, the possibilities of VoCo will be truly endless.

There can be a lot of application points. Even a banal illness, when a person is temporarily or permanently deprived of the ability to speak. And technology will return this ability to him, albeit in such a not very natural way. And if you have a restless child who does not want to fall asleep until he hears a story from his mother, her voice. And if you have no time, or you are far away, then your voice will come to your child. With all intonations and characteristics, even if there is no way to contact by phone. In addition, voice assistants will now speak to you in a voice that is pleasant and familiar to you.

The project is not based on traditional text-to-speech technology, as Adobe usually calls «voice conversion». What is especially important is that in practice there is no manual intervention. The program has the ability to automatically generate a transcript to improve the synthesis, and there is no need to set time stamps. Technology will revolutionize the audio industry. The complexity of working with voice acting will be significantly reduced, not to mention sound editing. At the moment, the timing of its implementation has not yet been announced.