Adobe Fresco Tool

Adobe Fresco is a stylus drawing tool designed specifically for modern touch devices. It comes with a huge collection of excellent Sensei-based watercolor and oil brushes that every artist dreams of — we call them living brushes.

For whom?

Suitable for designers and creative people, for creating visuals.

Advantages of Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is available on iPad, iPhone, Microsoft Surface Pro, and Creative Cloud for Windows desktops.

Artwork is automatically saved to Adobe Creative Cloud when connected to the Internet. If you prefer to work offline, your documents are saved to your device and synchronized to the cloud as soon as the Internet becomes available.

You can transfer your Fresco assets to Photoshop. Fresco is a drawing and painting app that works great in combination with Photoshop for iPad. Any image created in Photoshop for iPad or Fresco syncs to Creative Cloud as a cloud document. For more information on working with Photoshop and Fresco, see Adobe Fresco and Photoshop.

With an Adobe Fresco subscription on any platform (iOS or Windows), you get access to Photoshop for iPad. Likewise, with a Photoshop for iPad subscription, you can access Adobe Fresco on any platform.

Working environment for documents

By pressing the pan tool in any direction while working on the canvas, you can move the object one pixel at a time. Move the selected transformation region in eight directions, side to side, up and down, and diagonally.

By holding and dragging the icon, you can move the transformation area ten pixels in the desired direction.

Title bar icons

Use these icons to quickly go to the home screen, cancel an operation, get help, share the workspace, access document and application settings, and expand the canvas to full screen.


From the toolbar, you can access all brushes, selection tools, and color tools. It also contains the Transform and Eraser tools. Check out the Pixel Brushes, Live Brushes, and Vector Brushes tools.

Task bar

The taskbar contains all the controls for working with layers. Tap the icons at the top of the taskbar to open the Layers panel and view layer actions. See Layers and Layer Masks.

Touch gestures

The small circle in the lower left corner of the screen is the touch point. Press and hold this circle to quickly access primary and secondary positions for some instruments.

For example, when using a pixel or vector brush, you can activate the main gesture position to temporarily change the brush to an eraser. Just press and hold the touch gesture with one hand until the eraser appears.

To lock the gesture in the main position, simply double-tap. Note that the middle circle turns blue when locked.

Locking makes the job much easier because you do not need to keep your finger in one place when using an alternate version of the tool.

Now you know everything you need to get started using layers in Adobe Fresco. Adobe Fresco’s interface is intuitive, so you can easily implement your creative projects using layers, brushes, masks, and other tools.