Adobe Photoshop Touch Tool

Adobe Photoshop Touch is a world famous photo editor that has moved to mobile devices. Now you can perform various photo processing right in your gadget. The application is adapted for tablets, but can also be used on smartphones.

For whom?

Processing and editing of various pictures is now quite a popular occupation among most users. Previously, to use such a program, a sufficiently strong computer or laptop was needed. Now, this editor can be used on mobile devices and perform a large number of tasks.

Since these are only the basic functions of a popular program, it does not require special device parameters, and is installed even in the weakest gadgets. Adobe Photoshop Touch is a real salvation for those who like to edit photos, because now they can be processed without even letting go of their tablet.

The program interface is quite simple and straightforward. Even a beginner can handle it. The first time you launch the app, you will be given a short tutorial. The program will show you the main functions and teach you how to process photos in different ways. In total, here you need to view 15 training lessons that will help you become a real professional.

On the left is the toolbar. It is used when trimming or smoothing corners. At the top is the main menu. In general, the location of the service icons is very similar to the original Photoshop.

Processing tools

On the left is the toolbar. It is used when trimming or smoothing corners. At the top is the main menu. In general, the location of the service icons is very similar to the original Photoshop. Those who have already come across a similar program on a computer can easily figure out the controls and various modes here.

There are fewer tools for processing images than in the original version. But, this does not prevent you from doing real miracles with the selected photos. The application allows you to apply different shades, add white balance, sepia and other popular effects.

The most interesting and important feature in Adobe Photoshop Touch is the ability to open your eyes in photos. By choosing a special tool, you can correct any image where a person blinked during shooting. At the same time, the quality of the picture does not deteriorate at all, and you get a good, professional photo.

You can also cut people or objects from editable pictures and move them to a pre-prepared background. This way you get the most complete and practical version of Photoshop. Use your imagination and turn ordinary pictures into real works of art.

Everyday instruments for photo edit

It’s difficult to imagine a modern mobile photo editor without filters, Photoshop Touch does not lag behind them. The corresponding menu item is responsible for this. There are 48 different effects, ranging from sepia to automatic correction of skin imperfections.

By the way, you cannot open an image of any resolution. When you click on the «+» button, a small window comes out that asks for the size of the picture. The maximum resolution is 1600 x 1600 pixels. Of course, this is not very convenient, but with the usual standard use of Photoshop, this is quite enough. But, larger photos will still open, only in a reduced size.

However, 1080p images will not work. Maybe it’s for the better, because when you open widescreen pictures, devices with a small amount of RAM start to slow down very much.

The last menu contains everything that did not fall into the previous ones: crop, rotation, text, fill, deformation, adding highlights, and so on.

The secret to its success is simple enough, Adobe simply brought the basic functionality of desktop Photoshop into its mobile app, adapting the interface for tablets.

Immediately after launch, you are greeted by a workspace in which all your projects are displayed.