Adobe InCopy Tool

At the stage of preparing any publication for printing the author, artist, editors and layout designer work with it. The reality is that in the process of typesetting a publication, it’s very rare for a text to immediately occupy the space allotted for it.

Typically, there can be several such iterations with the output of text on paper, repeated reading by the editor and making corrections in the layout. A lot of paper, time, nerves are wasted, and all participants in the process have the feeling that the algorithm used is imperfect. But often no one has time to break out of the whirlwind of everyday life and try to find a solution to this issue.

Software developers are aware of this problem, and there are programs that allow you to organize the interaction of the author, editor, designer, layout designer when making up a publication. One such program is InCopy.

Adobe InCopy is a professional word processor. With the help of this software, the user will be able to organize in parallel the workflow for the designer and the editor, getting an exact match of the text and page layouts and meeting the deadline for the finished material.

For whom?

InCopy allows authors and text editors to apply styles, track revisions, and make layout changes to a document independently of the designers who are working on the same document in Adobe InDesign. When working together on projects, additions made by different users do not replace each other.

Advantages of Adobe InCopy

Built-in fonts

Getting rid of the inconvenience associated with the lack of fonts. When you open InCopy files, the program automatically searches for the correct fonts in the document folder and installs them, and when you close the document, it removes the installed fonts.

Column Separating Paragraphs

Splitting any piece of text into multiple columns with one click.

Brand new Layers palette

Hiding or blocking elements that prevent the text behind them from being edited in a layered document.

Save files quickly with multithreading support

Closing documents and saving changes made to a large number of files even faster thanks to advanced multi-threading technology.

Multi-column paragraphs

Select a paragraph and span multiple columns of text with just one click — no separate text frame needed.

Adobe mini bridge

Navigate to the files you want on your hard drive and move them to InCopy frames.

Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements to run and run InCopy.

A significant additional convenience of Adobe InCopy lies in the fact that with its help you can perform any manipulations with the text without affecting the publication layout. This gives the author, editor, or proofreader control over the text, and the designer over the page’s appearance. Moreover, they can work on one document at the same time (for example, when using a local network).