Adobe Photoshop Express Tool

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free mobile image editing and collage maker from Adobe Inc. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. It can also be installed on Windows desktop with Windows 8 and higher through the Microsoft Store.

For whom?

This is the idea behind the Express version of this application, a lightweight program that, unlike the full version, comes with a user interface adapted to the level of any user with ordinary knowledge when it comes to managing computers or design programs.

Editing interface

The editing interface consists of two toolbars, each with four buttons.

The top toolbar contains all actions. You can crop, adjust image parameters (exposure, saturation, hue, etc.), apply soft focus effects, and finally apply color effects and frames.

Once you choose a tool, it can be easily adjusted: just swipe your finger across the image to control the intensity. It looks like the Snapseed interface.

As with other effects, you can adjust the soft focus by swiping left or right, and that’s it.

The next tab is dimension modification. The nine-rectangle frame will be confusing at first, and for a reason —  there is no trace of scaling by the two boys. But thanks to this wonderful frame, you can easily and naturally crop the picture to the desired size, and rotate it as needed with the slider from the bottom.

Integration with Creative Cloud service. This is the so-called creative space. Taking over after the close of the Creative Suite 6. It brings together the entire suite of Adobe graphic editors, from photo retouching programs to web design. Plus, it provides users with the ability to store files in the cloud. The latter is provided by Amazon Web Services servers.

Creative Cloud Libraries are cloud storage libraries that help you sync your projects across CC devices and programs. This tool replaced the outdated Adobe Revel from previous versions of Photoshop Express.

Key Features

From a simple and basic user interface with all its functions to a few mouse clicks, it offers us the following possibilities:

  1. Tools for cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping images.
  2. Removal of red eyes in humans and animals.
  3. One-click automatic correction.
  4. Color adjustments for exposure, contrast, clarity, intensity and more.
  5. Over 30 different effects.
  6. The ability to expand its functionality through expansion packs, which can be purchased online through in-app purchases.
  7. Easy photo sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Convenient, nimble and very functional editor for its own purposes. For several days of testing, with the exception of the above-mentioned shortcomings, did not cause any complaints. And judging by the archival records of the old version of the application, after the update, Photoshop has solidly added to the convenience and speed of work. We will follow its further development.

As soon as you hear the phrase of photo processing, then the first association is probably Photoshop. Adobe Systems has been developing software for over 30 years. During this time, they have become the undisputed leaders in the field of working with graphics in various formats. And the company does not sit still! As the market for mobile applications is booming, Adobe has developed an analogue of Photoshop for mobile devices — Photoshop Express.

Just try it!